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saturday, february 27, 2010

Running Log/Trail Run

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 57:12

Comments: With another front coming through I had to get this one done early or miss out. I got got out to the trailhead at almost 7 p.m. on the dot and discovered this is about the optimum time to arrive. There are just a few folks out there at that time and most are just getting ready to head out as well.

I felt pretty good going into this one and the run lived up to the expectation. That first mile had me winded as usual but I did it half-a-minute faster than last week and on par with the solid effort two weeks ago. But, instead of flagging completely when the path got gnarly I kept up the effort much better. The ascent was, by far, the fastest I've been able to manage.

Coming down I felt much more in control as well. That's partially due to the new footwear, I think, but certainly a testament to my improved quad strength. I even got down to marathon-pace for a bit on the last mile - a first for this run.

Hour: 7:00 a.m.
Surface: dirt
Weather: partly cloudy
Temperature: 48 degrees
Humidity: 66 percent
Wind: 10 mph
Location: National Trail & Mormon Trail, South Mountain Park, Phoenix, Arizona
Shoes: Pearl Izumi Cruise
Sin Musica

Injury update:
Hip was achy on the way up but eased off as I got warmed up.

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