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saturday, march 06, 2010

Running Log/Trail Run

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 56:25

Comments: Given the progress on the track, Dean suggested making this run a bit longer. I kinda balked at that, both because I like this routine right now and I'm getting a little worried about injury. The compromise was to aim to bring this one in faster than before.

I got out to South Mountain a little late. By 8:30 a.m. the place is full of folks and finding a parking space is more about luck than anything. Another plus is that my parallel parking skills are still pretty sharp.

I headed up the hill. The first mile had me breathing hard as usual and I took the left at the fork in the trail instead of heading down my usual route up Mormon Trail. The last time I did National Trail as the ascent it was my first time out and it pretty much sucked.

It sucked today too but I was a bit better prepared to handle it - not just in terms of leg strength but also foreknowledge of the route. As rough as the ascent proved to be I still held my best pace for the uphill mile since I have been doing this workout.

The final time turned out to have bested my previous fastest by more than a minute. But I sure as hell felt it, too. So I decided to go the ice bath route afterward just to address the soreness as well as my growing concerns about the hip (see below).

Hour: 7:00 a.m.
Surface: dirt
Weather: partly cloudy
Temperature: 48 degrees
Humidity: 66 percent
Wind: 10 mph
Location: National Trail & Mormon Trail, South Mountain Park, Phoenix, Arizona
Shoes: Pearl Izumi Cruise
Sin Musica

Injury update:
The right hip has not been happy at all. It was sore yesterday and gave me the old jabby treatment heading into this run. As usual, the discomfort eased up as I warmed up but never went completely away as it had been the last few weeks.

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